Course Details

Half Marathon Course Overview

Course1Go for the chase in this once in a lifetime half marathon experience. Because this is much more than a run, it is an experience transcending all others for the racing aficionado. Have you ever stepped in Pit Row? Well, you will not need any special passes for this event. Start right at the start line with the white flag waving in mid air, run through the Speedway, towards the Dirt Track, and how about doing the Drag Strip too (that is right this is where you can log your fastest mile). But don’t stop there, finish to the checked flag right in Pit Row, share your racing stories in the garage and bask in your glory in Victory Lane. Experience ultimate racing, where your engine is your heart and your feet are your wheels. GO ON CHAMP, CROSS THAT FINISH LINE AND LET US SEE WHAT YOU HAVE!


5K Course Overview

The 5K course was designed to bring you the best of the Speedway experience including a full lap around the track. If you are not yet ready for the 13.1 challenge but you want to feel the speed under your feet, this race is for you.  Enjoy a great run and an amazing and unique experience!

Course Support

  • There will be 8 water stations throughout the course starting at mile 2
  • Water and lemon-lime flavored Gatorade will be served at all water stations
  • Snacks and other post-race nourishment will be available in the garage
  • Medical Aid Stations – The Medical Team will be available to assess any race day medical needs and administer acute first aid when necessary. A team of professional medical caretakers will be positioned along the course and at the finish line. There will be medical stations at the Start/Finish and on the course.  In order to help our medical team work more efficiently, please fill out the medical history information on the back of your race number after you pick it up.